Building our local infrastructure

How we install your broadband connection

To connect your property to our network, we need to bring a fibre optic cable from the connection point, near the boundary of your property, to the place in your property where you want your router.

We will agree with you where to locate your router inside the subject building, the router must be within one metre of a power socket. The fibre runs from the router through a hole we will drill in your wall, down into the ground where it will then run back to connect to our network. If the router is located away from the point of entry into your property, we will run one metre of internal fibre cord between the entry point and the router. Longer cords are available to order.

We will also agree with you the route from your boundary across your garden to the exterior wall of the subject building, this we call the 'garden dig’, please insure the agreed route does not involve anybody else’s ownership (as we would need to secure his/her prior approval). We will arrange a mutually convenient time for our contractor to complete the garden dig. The work is to be supervised by the property owner/occupier and a HCB director. You should take note of the garden dig route and depth of the fibre duct to avoid any future unintended damage, which would need to be repaired at your cost.

An HCB fibre engineer will visit to connect your router to our fibre network, test it, commission it and secure your sign-off at the time of service activation. You will be shown how to use the equipment supplied and a booklet concerning the workings of the router will be left on the premises. We recommend this is kept close to the router for future reference if needed.

There must be someone over the age of 18 at the property during the installation/connection visit. This is to protect us and you and to ensure that the installation is carried out as we have agreed. If you are not able to be present, please ensure that the adult who is present understands your requirements and has your authority to ’sign-off’ the connection.

When the work is done you should find that everything has been left neat and tidy, holes are sealed with silicone and the ground outside has been reinstated as close as possible to its original state.

HCB will provide you the service you ordered via the Service Order Form on the website, subject to the contract terms (and terms and conditions) specified and deemed agreed between HCB and yourself at the time of placing your order. A copy of the Terms & Conditions can be found on the website or via this link

Please remember the router and equipment installed remains in the ownership of HCB, and will be replaced if proven not fit for purpose. Alternatively, it is the customer’s responsibility not to damage the router or equipment. Replacements can be ordered at the customer's cost. On vacating the property the customer is required to arrange with HCB a mutually convenient time for HCB to collect the router.

For orders placed before December 2021:

Please refer to the ‘Broadband Customers Installation Order and Gigabit Broadband Voucher Application’ document found within the T&Cs sub-section of the ‘Contacts & Information’ box on the dash-board or via this link.