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  • Fibre Optic Network, professionally designed & owned by Hampshire Broadband Ltd trading as Hampshire Community Broadband
  • Full Fibre (or Fibre To The Property)
  • Broadband service speeds of 150Mbps down & up for £36 per month incl. VAT or variations
  • Capable of supporting third party VOIP phone services
  • 24/hr 365/days a year support line
  • 300 connections with healthy pipeline and ability to expand
  • HCB, as a registered Supplier, is eligible to receive central and local Gov. grants, when available


Located to the north west of Basingstoke, HCB’s current network coverage is illustrated on the map below.

HCB’s first customer was connected in October 2018. By the end of 2021, we had 300 customers connected with a healthy pipeline of new orders within our existing area and by extending the network to Hannington and North Oakley to be match-funded by the GBVS - click here to visit the Funding section.

Further expansion will be driven by demand (end-users wishing to improve their connectivity), and by the support of land owners (permitting fibre cable ducts to be buried across their land while waiving wayleave entitlements), and by the availability of funding both private (the new target community and HCB) and public grants (via match-funding provided by central Gov.’s GBVS - click to visit the Funding section) with potential 'top-up’ funding by Hampshire County Council.

HCB has submitted further project applications under the orbis of GBVS to extend its existing built network and build other ‘remote’ or stand-alone fibre networks, to be edible for further Gov. Voucher grant monies. This website will be appropriately updated as approvals are received.

If your business or residence is located within 5-miles of the the area currently covered by HCB (the pink area on the map) please send us a email to register your interest - support@hampshirebroadband.co.uk , you may well be in our proposed next phase, either way registering your interest will help us help you (which is what HCB is all about), we all reply to all messages.


  • HCB is a locally owned north Hampshire independent fibre broadband company, an ‘AltNet’ or Alternate Network, designed to bridge the rural-urban communication divide. HCB’s network is Gigabit enabled. Established in 2018 with seed capital from Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council and capitalised by local investors, we collaborate with local estates, landowners and farmers to route the fibre backbone around the perimeters of fields to reach customer properties typically from the rear to avoid as far as possible other utilities and buried services. HCB originally partnered with Fibre Options Ltd (30- years experience in the sector) who grandfathered HCB through its formative years. HCB owns its network, manages the business, provides the customer support, contracting out firmware updates and ISP services to 3rd parties. We sign-up our own customers and support our customers ourselves (not via a call-centre far away).

    Our technical adviser is David Bland of Wansdyke Ltd (a communications expert and advisor to various AltNets). HCB’s board and various shareholders provide voluntary services to support the business.

    Our role in the community is important to us, our rational for being is ‘Broadband for the Community, by the Community'. We run on 'community spirit' and welcome volunteers to enhance our service delivery. We invite suggestions as to how we can improve upon the service provided and whether additional services could be delivered over the fibre network for the benefit of the community and the company. Profit is not our primary motive. For contact details click here.